Years ago, when I first was able to see my Mom and Dad getting married on a Super 8mm film, it was amazing to me... "You mean they did something together without me tagging along?" Now, as my daughters watch their grandparents getting married, I watch as well, seeing faces from both my parents as well as my past who are no longer with us. It really brings to my mind how blessed my parents were to have someone there to capture these moments for us to share as a family over 40 years later. This is the reason I started doing wedding videos.

As a professional videographer and editor, I don't often get to work on true love stories. But, being able to film amazing love stories right as they're happening, I'm creating films that will be seen over and over for many years to come. This is my heart for why I do this. I see each wedding to be as individual as each couple, with each wedding day having it's own story and cast.

I use a 2 step process for wedding videos. The first step is “shooting” which means capturing the actual footage from the wedding day. I have found that some couples only want the footage of the day to watch and are not looking for a complete edited wedding video; or would like an edited wedding video in the future, but the stress of finances will not allow it to be created at the current time. Your wedding day will be a once in a lifetime experience! “Step 1” allows everything to be filmed at an affordable price, working within your budget!

The second step is “editing” which means creating a concise video experience from the rough footage captured from that day. This is something that I can start working on while you are on your honeymoon, or you can wait a year or three... creating something special for your significant other to enjoy on an anniversary. It is about working with you to fulfill your desire for a keepsake you’ll enjoy viewing... one step at a time.

I look forward to talking to you, hearing about what you want me to capture to enjoy for years to come.

A collage of images from weddings filmed by Connecticut Wedding Videos by PRCov